Hôtel info


Dear Guests

Please find below some information to make your stay easier and more comfortable.

Breakfast A buffet breakfast is available from 7:00am to 10:00am.

Staff is at your disposal The reception is open from 7:00am to 11:00pm every day and our staff is at your disposal if you require any assistance during that time. For any urgent assistance between 11:00pm and 7:00am, please call +41 (0)79 125 13 85.

Safe Deposit Box Should you wish to store your valuables in a safe place, please ask reception. A safe deposit is available there.

Internet A wireless high speed internet connection is available throughout the hotel. The password is chocolate.

Departure On the day of your departure, we ask you to please leave your room before 12:00pm.

Room service Room service is available for drinks on demand. Please ask the reception.

Luggage service We help you to carry your luggage. Please ask the reception.

Wake-up call Should you need to get a wake-up call, please ask the reception.

Various You need to polish your shoes, an extra pillow or a cover, toilet bag, sewing kit, an umbrella, or an adapter? These items are at your disposal, please ask the reception.

Kitchenette Should you need kitchen utensils and dishes, please ask the reception.

Parking Parking “City-Centre” situated next to the hotel. Please make sure to take the “public” entrance and park your car in any slot available. There is a direct access from the parking to the hotel de l’Ecluse. Please announce yourself to the intercom, a staff member will open the door.

Parking “Seyon” situated within 2 minutes walking distance.

Rates are less expensive than the parking City-Centre. You have the possibility to pay in CHF, Euros or with a credit card.

We do not have any preferred rates for any of these parking. Rates are the ones applied to any public parking.  

Public transport in Neuchâtel Each guest has a free transport card during the entire stay. Please ask the reception.

Minibar A minibar (in the cupboard) and/or a fridge (in the kitchenette) is available in each room. You can find the price list in the kitchenette and/or cupboard. A kettle and tea are at your disposal free of charge.

We wish you a pleasant stay.
The Management



  • Do not smoke in bed
  • Read the safety instructions carefully
  • Make sure to know the location of the nearest fire exits from your room, as well as the fire alarms and fire extinguishers. Please also familiarize yourself with the fire alarms and the fire extinguishers and learn how to use them

How to act in case of fire

  • Stay calm
  • If you suspect a fire, call the reception (internal number 54)
  • Follow the instructions given by the staff
  • If the door of your room is hot or if smoke enters into the room,
  • When leaving the room, bring the key with you and go to the nearest fire exit. If there is smoke in the corridor, stay close to the floor and DO NOT USE THE ELEVATOR!
  • Always close the doors and windows behind you


  • 117 Police (Traffic accident, crimes)
  • 118 Fire Department (Fire, risk of explosion)
  • 144 Ambulance (Urgent cases, always call this number if someone has been hurt)